About The Antidote Juice

Erin’s mission when starting The Antidote Juice was to make healthy food both accessible and approachable. With a master’s degree in public health and community nutrition, she truly believes that all the answers to our health lie in the food we eat. After years of working in the service industry, she knows firsthand that the New Orleans service industry workers are an important yet neglected aspect of our community. That’s why she knew that juice delivered downtown would be a welcomed service. The juice recipes she crafted using her bartending experience are both complex, delicious, and nutritious, and the best part about juice is you can nourish your body even during a busy shift.

Scorch is an expert in pushing the envelope when it comes to whole-body health. After getting sober from decades of drug and alcohol abuse, he never let his progress plateau. He is always looking for new ways to heal and grow, and he has developed a passion for helping others on their journey to complete health. His commitment to a sober lifestyle is the not-so-secret method to making your wildest dreams come true. The day he and Erin met was the day Erin decided to get sober herself. That same day in 2016, they agreed that one day, they would open a juice bar in New Orleans. Four years later, that dream became reality.

The Next Sober Life is a sober community that Scorch and Erin created to provide a space for sober, sober-curious, and sober allies to feel more capable, confident, and ready to accomplish what they never thought possible. The mission of the organization is to create an environment where confidence, productivity, unity, and the pursuit of whole-body health are the centerpiece to sustaining and capitalizing on a sober lifestyle. The Antidote Juice is the nutritional aspect of The Next Sober Lifestyle brand, and it provides a product that heath-conscious individuals can consume with intention.

One of the most important values of The Next Sober Life is inclusion. We emphasize that people who are sober should fearlessly mingle in New Orleans’ thriving culture without fearing or passing judgment. We don’t believe that separating yourself from “society” is an effective or necessary methodology to create long-lasting change. Once you make the decision to change your life, nothing can change your mind. Thus, we encourage you to let loose and embrace the highs your mind can attain without any substance at all. One of the greatest natural highs is the one you get from pride and accomplishment. As you begin to reap the benefits of The Next Sober Life, you won’t ever want to go back to the way life was before.

Scorch and Erin are limitlessly chasing their dreams, with The Next Sober Life at the core of their values. They believe that anyone can unlock the hidden powers within sobriety and manifest anything they put their minds to. By emphasizing a healthy mind, body, and spirit and by always encouraging internal growth, anyone can break the bonds that control their mind and limit their progress. While Erin and Scorch are dedicated to sharing The Next Sober Life with anyone who is ready to change their life, they are also always seeking to learn and grow themselves. The journey is never over.